Monday, December 6, 2010

Success....What is it?

Everyone seems to desire success more than ever.I know they pursue it with much zeal and passion and gone to a lot of sacrifice in the name of “success”

But only a few actually think about the success they are pursuing. Most of us pursue success and not really have a clear end goal.I know many of u will now be thinking "I know about Success".But just think..

Why I am doing this?This is a question few actually ask and think about.To fail to ask this question is to waste your life.

In us lies a desire for happiness nd joy. Look into yourself and you will see that most of your actions are fueled by this desire for joy.

When we think about it we pursue success to be happy. Success is just the means to find joy.

Some say that they pursue success to be fulfilled, but even fulfillment is accompanied by joy. That is how you can say to yourself you are fulfilled when you have a sense of joy in you.

Our problem today is that we have sought the means and not the end. We have pursued success for its own sake. We seem to be obsessed with the process and not the product.We might do something just for the sake of it because we think it can make us happy. But at some point we are left with the question “What now?” It is a question that has driven many to despair.

Being an accomplished person is not as the same as being a successful person. Hitler was able to accomplish to move Germany to war and kill millions of people. I have not seen Hitler’s name in any “success” books.

Can you consider a fulfilled yet a miserable person successful?

If you end up miserable in the process of pursuing success then i'm sorry you just have defeated your purpose to be successful. All your accomplishments will mean nothing if you are not happy in the end. You might have the resources to numb the pain but it does not take it away.

Success is a tool for joy. It is a tool for love as well, for only love can bring us everlasting joy. If you really want to be successful in this life and the next, then you must make love your end goal.That does'nt mean loving someone it can also be loving something(For ex:Your lifelong goal).

This is my reason for pursuing success.

So now I ask you.......what is your reason in pursuing success?

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