Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Regal Life sans a Regal Flaw

Laying in the dark, a storm roused in my head
Shattered all hopes of sanity that I had bred
Now dragging me towards a new realm,
Propelled by a force so vicious as to lose my calm.

I wake up with hysteria, to the dawn of memories
A flawed, bleeding vault of memories long lost
A mind without a ruler now facing oblivion's host
Gore-clad words too late to now regret.

Towering constructions with cracked frames,
Abolished theories and emerging ideals.
Bound to secrecy, sworn to wisdom, loyal to fret
Fret of failure, of uproar, and of things beyond,
Yet, most daunting,
that of parting from something dear.

Of delusions, of disharmony, of failings so trivial
These dark alleyways in my mind,
Once filled with regal peace.
Scream with moments of anguish and agony,
All coming to a drunken tale of treachery.

You coursed through my life,
A regal presence, a regal flaw.
From the day I hoped to be free,
Only to be left unable to flee.

Now the day has come to an end
And it's time for you to be a ghost.
A new beginning, a new tomorrow,
With a sense of eternal hope.

Forgotten are the quibbles,
Forgotten are the quarrels.
Sunshine has finally woken me,
To a royal life sans a regal flaw.

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