Monday, February 10, 2014

Once upon a time it was Winter

A dream..
Our limbs streamed into dawn
leaving trails of light and smoke.
We curled into the air and
no room could hold us.

It started like this..

First I took off my pride,
I wore it like a shawl to shield all my insecurities.
She loved it.

Then I took off my certainty,
It hung around like thousands of uncomfortable memories wound tight
like a knot to hide my ability to be free.
She loved it.

I took off my fear,
It gripped my feet like stone slippers, hoping to keep me from ever leaping
as far as I was capable, often succeeding.
She loved it.

Finally I took off my doubt.
The doubt that was there so long it had become me.
I ripped it off to reveal
the flesh of what I felt and might have, forever.

She didn’t love that..

She then left wearing my clothes
And I started dressing for winter.

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