Friday, June 17, 2011

My Relationship with.. Chelsea FC : How I became a Chelsea fan

When I started watching football during my school days it was just for passing my time with no real interest in the game. This is mainly because in India, football was almost obscure but for some presence in certain pockets. The nation is so cricket-crazy that the fans and media have no time or money for any other sport.

Not being an avid football fan, I started watching the weekend football matches on TV sparingly. Normally, they would show all matches of Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal. They show the matches of the other teams only if the slots did not clash with that of the top three. I had no idea about any of these teams. Then I saw a team playing in a Blue Jersey....

You know you’ve become a fan of a team, when you feel upset like hell after a defeat. You know you’ve become a fan of a team, when you get into never-before superstitions for a team to hold on to that lead. You know you’ve become a fan of a team when you defend a team to death, though they maybe right or wrong. All these things started happening to me with Chelsea. Without even knowing from when, I had become a  Chelsea fan !! . Very soon, everything about me turned Chelsea. I started watching and following their every game almost too fervently.

At first I was given quizzical looks when I told anyone that I was a Chelsea fan, because I didn't just support Arsenal or Man Utd like most people in India did. But I was fascinated about Chelsea and one thing about being a fan is, if you’re a real fan, the reason need not continue to exist. For many people I know the success and fame was a reason why they started to follow Man Utd or Arsenal, the disappearance of that reason might change their loyalty. But I know for sure that won't happen with me, I would support Chelsea even if they get relegated to the second division.

So, I started to read. I read everything I could find. I learned the history of the club and can now tell you how John Terry came through the academy and became Mr. Chelsea and can tell you everything about the Legendary genius of a certain Gianfranco Zola.

I've heard that there are moments when you want to start supporting a new team. But I just can’t do it. I won’t do it. I still bleed Chelsea Blue. I can’t cut the cord but Im not entirely sure why. So I do the unthinkable, I don’t want Chelsea to win.. I expect it. I get upset if they lose and if they don’t win by four goals. I get depressed when they lose to Arsenal or Tottenham or any other team and Im not quite sure how I’ll feel when we will play in the Champions League Final again.

Why did I start this blog? I love football, I love Chelsea and I love the fact that we are the only club whose stadium's pitch, the turnstiles and naming rights are owned by Chelsea Pitch Owners, a non-profit organisation of which the fans are the shareholders.

For me, this blog has been great and I hope you liked it too !!