Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PM Manmohan Singh's reply to Anna Hazare

Dear Mr. Anna Hazare (The Last of the Gandhians) ,

Let me first of all Congratulate you. Your Strike has led to an increase in the Sales of TATA TEA (Utho mat Jaago) by 1%.

But the Bad News is. That's about it.

In Response to your Letter, As an Economist I thought it was my duty to make you aware of some new developments when it comes to Gandhi Ji Ideology.
Gandhi's ideas are Eternal. But his Idea now has metamorphosed into a Physical Form.
In the form of Currency and Gandhi Family.
Today Gandhi Giri is done by Money.
Earlier you had to, kill people to plunder their wealth.
Now you just ask them to Vote, and then on Everything happens Constitutionally in accordance to the Law. CWG, 2G, Even Sonia G.
No Need to Kill anyone. But on an whole, It's all Peaceful. Like Gandhiji liked it.
Money, Not Hunger Strikes today is the tool of Non Violent Protest.
Also the Little Impact Recent Wikileaks expose has had on the Ruling Govt. goes to show the Shift.


Money is the Modern Day Gandhi. So Please Don't Ever call yourself a Gandhian Ever Again!!!! For you have None!
Mukesh Ambani is Modern day Gandhi. And Pranav Mukherjee is the Nehru. Because Congress always does what Mukesh says. (Courtesy Radia Tapes)
Karunanidhi is the modern day B.R Ambedkar.. Because he writes his own Rules. Like the Spectrum Allocation Rules. ( Read the 2G Scam)
Mayawati is the Reincarnation of Rani Laxmi Bai. Because her Philosophy is, "Because Every Rani without Laxmi is a Bai!"
Sharad Powar is the modern day Bal Gangadhar Tilak: " Corruption is my Birth Right and I shall have it!"

And Manmohan Singh (me) is the Good Boy. And History Shows. Good Boys in Politics are also Good for Nothing!

Okay, you have got a couple of Likes on Facebook. 100 more People have started following you on Twitter. But It's not Egypt Mr.Anna.
Now we can't accuse you of a false Rape Case. You are too old for that.. But we can arrest you for an attempt to Suicide.

So Don't be carried away by those letters from Aamir Khan.
And if he is so Serious about your cause. Ask him to Join the Hunger Strike.
I mean Bhagat Singh didn't write a Letter to Gandhi to express his Support. He Showed Up.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak didn't tweet his Slogans. "Swaraj is my Birth Right and I shall have it!" He Showed Up.
Mr.Khan's Conscience Suddenly wakes up before a movie is up for release.

So Anna, Don't be fooled by the Support. It's only till the IPL begins. Then they will be back to supporting their Teams. And you will only be left with the Support of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities who can't afford an IPL Team.

If I don't pass the Anti Corruption Bill. You won't Eat.
If I Pass the Bill, then Sonia G wouldn't let me Eat.
Don't you see. Both of us are in the same Boat!

Please understand. I am only a SINGH. Not a KING.

My Sincere Apologies.


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