Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clouds of my Past

Memories slip through into my head,
through the cracks of my wandering daydreams.
There appears a smile which does not belong to me
and a vision that I wish again to see.

As I close my eyes, inside, light turns into Light.
An image appears and vanishes
as each moment passes me by.
And then I reflect on those choices of mine.

What this heart had once desired,
it had followed another sun
and maybe has taken shade 

under the shadow of that another one.

Many wishes I had written in the pages of my life
and as I read them to myself, 

I remember that, I let go of the rope of my hope 
and let fall in cheerful abandon when gravity beckoned.

Down and down. Forever in an instant.
My mind now has built its wall around my spirit
For some time from now, it won't rain in my soul again
And I laugh in the face of my past; I am reborn, fortitude and sane.

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