Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Spirit of My Life

Still standing here,
With hopes, dreams and 
passion on my shoulder
But now, without any doubt.

Throw me some of your stares,
mixed with disdain and scathing reviews
Would I give a damn or show some care?
Its like diamonds meeting the morning dew.

In the end its me to be answered to
not another heart which beats semi-silent within

Life is a simple game,
sometimes you lose
and sometimes you win.

Just let it flow..
fighting for tomorrow 
and learning from yesterday

So now as that once 
far off horizon
Is looming into view
Becoming more in focus

Propel the soul and the life's motor,
since the highway's clear and the sky's not so blue
Then stick out the leather jacket collar
and ride into the inevitable storm 

that's always waiting for me and you !!

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